Another Win Another DD
May 11 2011

Surely one of these days someone is going to say something about how many DD’s (daily deviation features) I’ve accrued. I’m up to 4 already as of today and it won’t be long before people have had enough of me, I’m sure! =p My failed FEZ contest entry held by Deviant Art was chosen for the honor today and while I am quite proud at my contrast work with this piece it has several flaws. It didn’t even make into the semi-finalists.

I wish they had just waited a little longer because I was seriously thinking about revamping this piece for my portfolio. There is such nice contrast and lighting going on and it’s one of my most successful thumbnails or “reads well from a distance” pieces. Again I owe a shout out to the guys over at FZD School of Design for their amazing tutorials which frequently go over this very concept. However it’s very low resolution, and I desperately want to rework some areas that I just ran out of time to address.

And would you believe it? I also won the April Monthly challenge over at ImagineFX? That means I will most likely be published again which is way way cool. :D At the same time though, my current monthly challenge (which I had the honor of choosing), has a much more complex and epic entry in progress which I feel merits publishing over last month’s entry hands down. Here’s a sneak peak:

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2 thoughts on “Another Win Another DD

  1. Congratulations on everything going well for you so far :). And not to get your hopes up or anything, but I think that you starting freelance work just as you've gained recognition from ImagineFX is going to lead to good things right off the bat! :)

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