Evolution of Daarken, AKA Mike Lim
May 25 2011

Ever feel like your art isn’t good enough? We’ve all been there. I’m there right now at this very moment, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Digital Illustrator Mike Lim shares his long journey as an artist with us in his recent blog post, Evolution of an artist.

He talks about his ever changing art–from his humble beginnings to his latest and greatest work. Along the way he gives fantastic advice about how to keep pushing yourself, and even offers a few well kept secrets about breaking into the industry:

“The reason I was able to get work without having to go out and find it for myself was because I had a very strong online presence. I posted on many different art forums, I had a website, a blog, and I made a lot of friends and contacts in the industry.”
-Mike Lim

I have always believed that having an artistic network of friends is vital not only for the sake of your career, but for the sake of inspiration, motivation, and critic which helps to push you forward. These things may seem small but as Mike has demonstrated the payoffs can be huge. So if you are new to the art game I suggest joining all the biggest art communities:

Participate in the challenges, give critic to others, and accept critic with an open mind. This has helped to bring me to the level I am at currently, but I have a long way to go still. Just to give you an idea of my own progression, here is my first digital painting in August of 2009 (which I am totally embarrassed to even show), and here is my current work in progress:



The biggest difference I have seen from then to now is my transition from painting “typical pretty girls” to a more storytelling approach. This is a marked improvement because I have gone from a very reference heavy approach to a “make it up from your mind” take.

But remember how I started this post about saying how I don’t think my work is quite where I want it to be? Give me three years and I know I could blow your socks off. Even in three years I will feel the same because there is always room for improvement.

Like Mike Lim states,”never give up… If being an artist is something you truly want to do, be prepared to put everything else aside in order to achieve that dream.” And that ladies and gents is why I have been crawling into bed at midnight and getting up first thing in the morning to get in as much art as I can. I am committed for the long run. And if you are too, then get out that tablet and get drawing. That is the best advice anyone can give you.

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3 thoughts on “Evolution of Daarken, AKA Mike Lim

  1. I just wanted to comment on this post. I started reading your blog a few weeks ago when you got your DD on deviantart. I really want to encourage you to keep the blog active. Some of the insights and resources you've shared have really helped me as a developing artist. I hope you continue to make beautiful art and know that what you are doing is inspiring others like me.

    And taking some of your advice, I'll network a bit. Feel free to check out my deviantart page. my deviantart page

  2. Thanks so much Haledorn. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. It means a lot. I know I don't have many followers yet but I'll continue to post and offer what I have learned to others. The very act of putting together a blog has helped me find these resources myself. It helps us both. ;)

    And I totally checked out your page. Keep up the nice figure drawing.

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