Crit Day! Post before the 11th and get cc!
Sep 03 2011

Hello hello! It is a glorious day (and no I am not just referring to it being my birthday). The sky is blue, the air is a cool 76 degrees, and life is good. Thanks for all the warm messages. Let’s celebrate with my first ever crit day!

Post a link to one original artwork of yours and I will offer my critiquing services to the first 10 who post artwork here (I’ll be surprised if I get more requests, but if I do I will try and get to yours as time allows). You have one week to post your work. On Sunday the 11th I will begin critiques. It’s okay to post works in progress although I would prefer the image be at least somewhat complete. Loose sketches are too early of a stage.

If this goes well, it’s something I will try and do often. It’s a small way of saying thank you to all my followers and watchers. Truly, I am very glad to have had so many people take an interest in my work and my blog. My ultimate goal for my website and blog is for it to be a resource to other people. I can’t tell you how much critic has helped my work improve. I wish I could get in depth critic on all of my work but now that I am working for commercial clients I find that non disclosure agreements have heightened my respect for some good ole cc.

So go ahead and post away! ;)

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8 thoughts on “Crit Day! Post before the 11th and get cc!

  1. OMG i love your work Ashley, im not even finished with this picture yet but Ive had the opportunity to have you give me advice once before on and you were so helpful and courteous about it that i didn't want to miss an opportunity to have you crit me again. Here is the link to my WIP thank you so much for inspiring me to go back to school and taking the time to look over my stuff!

  2. Excellent, excellent! I will give it some more time in case anyone else wants to submit but I look forward to critiquing these! =D

  3. Thank you for the crit. offer. There are seldom people with actual skill who are doing this.
    Anyway here is the picture:
    I´m looking forward to any critique/advice you may think of.
    Thank you very much again ^__^

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