Perfect Perspective Every Time
Oct 14 2011

So I was browsing some art forums lately and I came across an amazing perspective tool from that adds instant perspective to your canvas with path lines radiating from a circle. The simplicity of it is ingenious. These circles are easily re-sized or moved to fit the perspective you have already established. I recommend watching the video tutorial as well.

It came during a particularly useful time. After spending hours mocking up a ship for a book cover using a mechanical pencil, a long metal ruler, and several computer papers taped horizontally to see my distant vanishing points, I realized it wasn’t receding drastically enough for the composition. Luckily, I was able to plop the vanishing point tool directly into my canvas, line them up the way I wanted, and draw it again digitally with much less hassle. Whew.
I recommend this tool for just about anything! I can’t wait to use it in more environmental works. It’s easy to forget about perspective in character art but it’s still an important principle to remember, especially when rendering cylindrical objects and ellipses or feet. (If you aren’t going to use perspective in your portraits at least be mindful of your eye level as I have discussed before.)

And yes, that is why I haven’t updated with all of the remaining crits. I have been working really hard on this new steampunk periodical called Clockhaven Chronicles due to be published mid November. I’ve done 3 illustrations for the project and I am very excited. It’s all done so expect the rest of the crits shortly.

And in other news, Ballistic Publishing contracted me to do a tutorial of my Elven Concept piece which will be featured on page 130 of Exotique 7. It will be included in the DVD for those who pre-order the book. In it I narrate my process including line of action, keeping your values close in range, and light sourcing. A quick step by step video can be seen in the goodies section of my website. It was a bit weird trying to put it together as I have never used video production software before, but I was tickled to death when I heard back from the folks over at Ballistic. They said it’s probably the best walkthrough they have ever received! =D My trial version of camtasia is already up, but after feeling my way around it I think I may try an open source program and make more tutorials.

Speaking of resources, I posted four free texture packs on my website. These are free stock images with no usage restrictions. My camera is crap, but I’ve still found them useful.

Fabric Textures by Ashley in zip format

Stay tuned for more crits and thank you all for your patience!

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2 thoughts on “Perfect Perspective Every Time

  1. This is amazing! I have a perspective file, but it's just layers with a circular grid and it gets fuzzy when resized (and is usually so big it kills my computer speed). It never occurred to me to use Paths.

  2. I must use the perspective lines!
    I've been trying to force myself to do more backgrounds, such as landscapes.
    I come from wanting to draw comics, and landscapes never tickled my fancy. I am right now, learning to make my eye see volume, and I think this tool might come in handy for that.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Blessed be,

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