The Art of Marketing
Feb 29 2012

So as you could probably tell, I’ve been hiding in my lair working like crazy. (Well perhaps you can’t tell- most of my work is under non-disclosure at the moment but that’s another story). While this has kept me busy, I have realized that I have let my “presence” slip. It’s my hope to keep this blog updated at least once a month. Look at me posting the last day in February to try and keep to the schedule- and leap day no less. Ha!

At any rate, it’s time to step it up. I am ready to move into the new phase of marketing. I haven’t been advertising myself to the public because I have enough repeating projects to keep me busy. However hiding in a tar pit of endless work is not the way to expand your clientele. You never know when you dream job is going to pop up so put yourself out there. For me, that would be painting cards for Magic the Gathering, doing concept art for Riot games, or anything at all for Blizzard.

So here’s a start. I know it’s not groundbreaking, but I’ve made business cards! Last week I found myself in a situation where I wish I had one to hand out. Fate favors the prepared. You never know who may wish to use your services or who a client may know.

I went through several designs of the card (text, before picking this one. I new from the beginning the card needed to mimic my website in appearance. This was for two reasons. First, it is important for marketing imagery to be consistent across all platforms. This is so that clients are more easily able to put a name to a face. Second, I already had files in place so theoretically it shouldn’t have taken so long to design. That one didn’t pan out. I still spent all day on the thing.

Next my goal is to branch out and purchase some overhead expenses for conventions and selling prints online. It’s time for me to offer my work to the world. Eventually I want to make a deck of cards, calendars, and puzzles. I can then sell them at conventions or on online stores like zazzle. If you didn’t know, you can technically purchase some of my work at I don’t sell much there as I don’t promote it at all. The biggest thing keeping me from reaching this goal is that I have not allotted time for personal projects in my schedule. This is counter-intuitive as I am not able to sell prints of the majority of the work I have been creating lately.

So if you were sitting on the fence about making a presence for yourself just do it. You can have a quick blog up like this in no time. Blogger is great for that. And business cards are a very affordable way to say here I am!

What do you do to market yourself? Share your tips and tricks with us!

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Marketing

  1. This will go against your 2-sided business card idea, but I hand out magnet business cards to my clients and it's nice to see them on their refrigerators and anywhere else a magnet will stick to.

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