A Word on Eye Level
02 Jun 2011

Many times in illustration we need to draw several subjects and objects in one scene. One mistake I have seen even the pros make is having multiple eye levels in one piece. What’s the big deal, you say? Well if your entire scene has the same perspective then eye level should be the same across the entire piece. There should only be one eye level.... Read more

Another Win Another DD
11 May 2011

Surely one of these days someone is going to say something about how many DD’s (daily deviation features) I’ve accrued. I’m up to 4 already as of today and it won’t be long before people have had enough of me, I’m sure! =p My failed FEZ contest entry held by Deviant Art was chosen for the honor today and while I am quite proud at... Read more

The Secret to good lighting- Beyond the Darkness
28 Apr 2011

I have decided to enter the ImagineFX monthly challenge with the theme of “Beyond the Darkness”. Along my journey of creating this piece I have pushed myself and have seen the fruits of my labors. You too can learn the secret to good lighting. Several ideas popped into my head for this great theme and I sketched out several variations of different ideas. However, I... Read more

Some Yummy Concept Art
13 Apr 2011

A recent speed painting concept of mine:
As I have begun building up an illustration/concept art portfolio, I have wondered, what makes a good concept art piece? Concept art in and of itself is vastly different than illustration. As an artist is it sometimes good to have a solid grasp of both. From my research I have discovered the following: Concept Art establishes mood,... Read more