Artist Spotlight- Hamsterfly (AKA Viktor Titov)
31 Oct 2012

Happy Halloween everyone! Every artist benefits from looking at other people’s art. As my college sculpture professor would say, you can’t have good output without good input. In my journey of personal discovery, I have come to admire many people in the industry. This is certainly true of Viktor Titov, whose brilliant use of painterly strokes juxtaposed with accurate form catches my eye among... Read more

The Dangers of Working For Free
29 Sep 2012

Ever had someone promise you unicorns and golden rays of sunshine if you could just donate a tiny bit of your time and draw something for free? Work in the art industry long enough and you will. All of these people suffer from the same, pervasive thinking that plagues the commercial art industry today: that art somehow isn’t valuable. More and more people think because... Read more

The Learning Curve
07 Jul 2012

Ever look at your art and realized it stinks? Like “how could I have ever have drawn that” kind of stinkage? I had a moment like that recently. I did this piece last year and tried to enter it in a book. Naturally it didn’t get selected. I totally can see why now. The face is anatomically incorrect, the colors are blah, and I was... Read more

The Art of Marketing
29 Feb 2012

So as you could probably tell, I’ve been hiding in my lair working like crazy. (Well perhaps you can’t tell- most of my work is under non-disclosure at the moment but that’s another story). While this has kept me busy, I have realized that I have let my “presence” slip. It’s my hope to keep this blog updated at least once a month. Look at... Read more