The Critique Corner: Part II
21 Oct 2011

Our next lovely image comes from a long time friend of mine, LA-Fairy. As her name implies, she enjoys drawing fairies. Before I begin I must say that her art has made a great improvement over the years. Here’s the before and after:
First off, you are thinking linearly instead of in terms of light and shadow. There is no clear light source and there... Read more

The Crit Corner Part I
11 Sep 2011

Hello hello! It’s time to begin our crit day extravaganza! Our first piece comes from Jonathan A Moore who graces us with some lovely Star Wars/X-men work (click for full view):
The first thing I noticed about this piece, aside from it’s epic subject matter of course, was the strong lighting throughout. The lighting was rendered with confidence and I am impressed. This is a... Read more

Crit Day! Post before the 11th and get cc!
03 Sep 2011

Hello hello! It is a glorious day (and no I am not just referring to it being my birthday). The sky is blue, the air is a cool 76 degrees, and life is good. Thanks for all the warm messages. Let’s celebrate with my first ever crit day! Post a link to one original artwork of yours and I will offer my critiquing services to... Read more

Ways for hopefuls to break into the industry
21 Aug 2011

It’s a curious thing to me to see so many people ask about how to break into the industry. I may not be a well known name in the industry, but I have my foot in the door and there are some great bits of truth I have discovered in my short journey (mind you I’ve only being serious about digital illustration since February of... Read more