Artist Spotlight: Bastien Deharme
08 Nov 2015

If you’ve seen this year’s Spectrum cover you might recognize the work of this month’s artist spotlight recipient: Bastien Lecouffe Deharme. Bastien, or B for short, is a young french illustrator of the sci-fi and fantasy genre. With his signature dark themes, Bastien offers us an intriguing look at the female form filtered through the subtle lens of abstraction. His painterly technique—often indistinguishable from traditional... Read more

Artist Spotlight- Hamsterfly (AKA Viktor Titov)
31 Oct 2012

Happy Halloween everyone! Every artist benefits from looking at other people’s art. As my college sculpture professor would say, you can’t have good output without good input. In my journey of personal discovery, I have come to admire many people in the industry. This is certainly true of Viktor Titov, whose brilliant use of painterly strokes juxtaposed with accurate form catches my eye among... Read more