Crit Corner Birthday Celebration Part 1
10 Sep 2015

Welcome to our first crit corner of the year! Hurray! It’s my hope that I can make this a regular occurrence as a way to give back to the art community. My goal is not to proclaim myself as the almighty critic–far from it. Instead the following suggestions are just that, suggestions. Sometimes a piece just needs a pair of fresh eyes and an outside... Read more

The Critique Corner: Part II
21 Oct 2011

Our next lovely image comes from a long time friend of mine, LA-Fairy. As her name implies, she enjoys drawing fairies. Before I begin I must say that her art has made a great improvement over the years. Here’s the before and after:
First off, you are thinking linearly instead of in terms of light and shadow. There is no clear light source and there... Read more

Copying vs Reference
17 Jul 2011

As many of you probably know, there is a well known fantasy artist who recently was accused of pasting elements of several other peers works into her own and painting over them. This artist has since sold these images in her books. Now this news did interest me as I was a fan of her work, but it interests me even more as one of... Read more